Artist Statement

The traditional painting and sculpture no longer adequately capture the world in which we live in. Time and technology have again caught up with the world, by definition, life is anything but static.

My current path of exploration is in the creation of objects which transforms the historically static observer into dynamic participant.

Energy, motion, life, colour, contrast everything all at once or one at a time.

Our visual language has continued to develop over the years and since the making of art is deeply personal effort something else has to develop.

Something as unique as the moment which we inhabit. Almost everyone tried to define art, we can try to define art but every century there’s new definition of art, that means there is no one essential that is good for all centuries.

So to me the idea of all materials around us are suitable for art making. The source of inspiration, gives me a satisfactory answer in my research for something that has been previously attempted.

To find some way of expressing myself. I do consider myself as a self-taught artist with considerable amount of knowledge in art history and my formal training assisting other professional artists. When it comes to art making I am on a good terms with life, my inspiration is sourced from sensuous delight in the world.


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